About DK Mounts

DK Mounts was founded in Southern California, the birthplace of skateboarding. Inspired by a request from a popular Los Angeles DJ and collector of art and skateboard decks. DK Mounts was established in 2013 with the intention of creating a skateboard deck mounting bracket that would enhance the beauty and appearance of artistic skateboard decks when displayed on a wall.

The “Classic” skateboard deck mounting bracket was developed and designed to keep the nose of the deck raised off the wall, when mounted. The simplicity and unique design of the “Classic” enhances the appearance of any skateboard deck when mounted, giving it the appearance of floating off the wall.

To insure durability, the “Classic” is made of formed steel and has a high gloss White powder coated surface. This skateboard deck mounting bracket has become a very popular item and is one of the best sellers from the array of mounting brackets offered by DK Mounts.

Seeing the need for and realizing the potential to display skateboard decks in various ways, DK Mounts set out to develop a line of skateboard deck mounting brackets, and attachments that could be added to the “Classic” deck mounting bracket which would give the collector a variety of options in which to display the artistic beauty of the deck collections.

The product line of DK Mounts include mounting brackets that self-center to insure that the skateboard deck hangs vertical even if the mounting bracket is installed crooked on the wall. The deck will always hang straight. Others include a pivoting mounting bracket which enables the decks to be feathered along a wall, a transitional mounting bracket that allows the skateboard deck to be mounted into the corner of a room, and the most versatile skateboard deck mounting bracket “The Grip” which allows the decks to be displayed vertically, horizontally, or on a 60 degree angle in either the left or right position.  Skateboard decks without truck mounting holes, no problem. Want to display a deck with the trucks mounted, no problem. Don’t want to unwrap that prized skateboard deck? No problem. This universal skateboard deck and skateboard mounting bracket does it all. The unique feature of “The Grip” uses cushioned fingers that hug the edges of the skateboard deck or skateboard, holding it firmly in place.

DK mounts didn’t stop there. A skateboard hanger was developed to which a skateboard could be hung on the wall at the end of a ride, or end of the day. Hanging your skateboard adds a factor of safety, keeping the skateboard from being under foot and in the way, cluttering floor space. This skateboard hanger is designed to keep the wheels off the wall, eliminating dirty and damaged walls.  These features are very popular with Mothers of young skateboarders, and is also a very popular selling item. The hanger works with longboards as well as the standard skateboards.

DK Mounts is dedicated to quality in our product and service to our customers.  Not only do we sell retail online, we sell wholesale to skate shops as well. We here at DK Mounts are constantly looking to develop new ways to display skateboard deck collections and have ideas on the drawing boards for new creative display options for the deck collectors.