DKM-UMB. "The Grip"

Product Description

The Grip, unlike anything on the market, is the ultimate in design for displaying your collectible skateboard decks or collectible skateboards. The grip allow you to display your skateboard decks or skateboards in multiple positions. Vertical, Horizontal or angled to either the left, or right. Sold separately for those who have already purchased the DKM-1"Classic" skateboard deck mounting bracket, you can readily and easily convert your bracket to a multi-position display. The fingers of the grip, firmly grasp the edge of the deck or skateboard with minimal exposure. For the collector who does not want to unwrap the collectible deck, this is an ideal mounting system. 
The "Grip" is sold along with the DKM-1 "Classic" skateboard deck mount, to create the perfect combo pack (DKM-UMB-C). The grip is adjustable to hold boards skateboard decks or skateboards 8 - 10" wide. The "Grip" is made of durable steel and comes in a gloss white powder coated finish.

$ 16.95 USD

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